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To help our kids dreams become a reality we need to create an environment that is safe, positive and healthy.

As parents and guardians we have a duty to ensure the health and wellbeing of our kids, which can’t be assured by being reactive.  When it comes to topics such as immunisation, as parents we need to trust our instincts, though sometimes we also need either a sounding board, more information or reassurance.  In the community the GP can assist parents and families to make informed decisions regarding their children’s health and wellbeing and in regards to particular topics such as immunisation. Cape Byron Medical Centre is a Medical Practice located on Marvell Street in Byron Bay.

Cape-Byron-Medical-Centre-Immunisaton-for-KidsImmunisation is an incredibly hot topic in Byron Bay and the rest of the Northern Rivers. The North Coast has some of the lowest rates of immunisation across Australia. Dr Tonya Coren, a GP at Cape Byron Medical Centre in Byron Bay, states “with the recent outbreak of whooping cough in the Northern Rivers we need to reflect upon the choices we are making as a community.”  Babies and young children are at most risk and can go on to have a life threatening infection. Complications of whooping cough in babies include pneumonia, seizures and brain damage from prolonged lack of oxygen. Most hospitalisations and deaths occur in babies less than six months of age. Whooping cough is spread easily by coughing and sneezing and this means children who are infected are contagious in the first three weeks of getting the infection if they don’t get treatment.

The decision to immunise or not can be a difficult one for some people and at Cape Byron Medical Centre we take the time to ensure our patients and parents are making an informed decision.  We also encourage parents to trust their instincts.  If you feel your child is having learning difficulties, increased levels of stress or you feel something is not right with their development then speak to your family GP about your concerns. We encourage our children to dream big and we need to ensure we give them the right grounding and foundations in order for them to achieve and grow. Call Cape Byron Medical Centre on 6685 6326 to speak to one of our doctors.

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