Pregnancy Massage

When you are pregnant, you want to be in the hands of an experienced therapist. Cape Byron Medical Centre’s massage practitioners work to enhance your overall wellbeing, as well as address your personal needs.

Pregnancy Massage treatments At Cape Byron Medical Centre are Now Availbale.

At Cape Byron Medical Centre, our expert massage team can tailor a pregnancy massage to suit your needs. Our dedicated practitioners are highly trained and skilled, ensuring you are in good hands.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Reduced back pain / Reduced joint pain

Carrying extra weight during pregnancy can strain your muscles as well as your joints. In the short as well as longer term this causes tension and tightening of muscles and ligaments and can increase the chances of injury or dysfunction. A targeted, gentle massage by a skilled practitioner will bring with it the benefits of reduced discomfort and enhanced mobility.

Improved circulation / Reduced oedema

Massage is an ideal treatment for increasing blood flow to tight, overworked, irritated muscles. Improved circulation has many health benefits including greater ease of movement, reduced pain, and greater efficiency of your entire bodily system. One of the most popular forms of pregnancy massage, using the principles based on Swedish massage techniques, not only relieves muscular tension but can also help to improve lymphatic drainage thereby reducing oedema or swelling. If this is a problem for you, a regular treatment will assist in maintaining both the results and your overall wellbeing during your pregnancy and beyond.

Reduced muscle tension and headaches

A throbbing headache, or regular discomfort in your head and neck, can sap both your energy and your mood. It’s not really any surprise that during pregnancy you may be more likely to suffer from tight muscles and tension headaches. Headaches that are provoked by knotted muscles in your neck and back can be worked on by our experienced therapists to help release tight muscles in the back and front of your neck as well as in your shoulders and upper back. You may even ask our practitioners to include head massage in your treatment to ease tightness in your scalp and the trigger points at the top of your neck.

Reduced stress and anxiety

One of the acknowledged benefits of massage is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. It does this in two ways. Firstly, it helps calm the nervous system, switching it from sympathetic into parasympathetic, or relaxed and healing, mode. It also facilitates the release of feelgood hormones called endorphins. We believe that the care of a skilled practitioner who can feel tightness and tension is vital to this calming equation. You can’t underestimate the feeling that you are in good hands and being cared for combined with an effective massage technique.

Improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles

Massage increases blood flow and that means more delivering oxygen to your soft tissues and muscles. During pregnancy it’s easy for muscles to become tight or sore as you are using your body in a way it may not be accustomed to. Without therapeutic relief, you may experience short and long-term problems such as reduce movement or increased pain. Our therapists offer massage treatments during pregnancy that keep the body’s muscular-skeletal system in good health to avoid later issues.

Better Sleep

What is it about a great massage that makes you feel as if you are floating on air? You may not know that yawning during a massage is a sign that you are releasing tension, so if you experience this you’re on the right track to a more relaxed body and mind and better sleep. Massage also releases a pregnancy hormone called oxytocin and a happy hormone called serotonin and the benefits of these are that you will be less stressed and more able to rest. Research suggests that regular massage is also very effective at increasing deep sleep.

Pregnancy Massage Questions and Answers

When is pregnancy massage safe?

Women can begin massage therapy at any point in their pregnancy – during the first, second, or third trimester. However, many clinics will refuse to offer massage to a woman who is still in her first trimester because of the increased risk for miscarriage associated with the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

When should I get a pregnancy massage?

The best time to have a massage is when your body is tight, tense, or under the strain of increased weight load and when your doctor says massage is suitable for you. At Cape Byron Medical Centre all our practitioners work collaboratively so we can advise you when a massage will be of benefit to you and is completely safe.

What does pregnancy massage involve?

Our professional therapists work with you, depending on your situation, how far away your due date is, and any other relevant factors, to relax your muscles and joints. Generally they will use massage techniques that involve long and relaxing strokes to muscles and fascia. Everyone is different and we can develop a unique treatment plan that both you and the therapist agree on.

Will a pregnancy massage induce labour?

A massage can encourage labour if it is targeted to do so. This is called “Induction Massage” and it is a relaxing massage combined with therapeutic and remedial techniques and acupressure applied to specific points of the body linked to the preparation of the body for labour. It is very important to have a qualified therapist who understands these trigger points and avoids them when necessary.

When Should You Not Have a  pregnancy massage ?

You should not have a massage if you doctor has advised you against it, if you are in a high risk pregnancy category or have previously had a premature labour, if you have Pregnancy Induced Hypertension e.g. high blood pressure, if you have pre-eclampsia, or sudden swelling, or if having a pregnancy massage causes you to feel sick or lightheaded.