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Cape Byron Medical acquires Holdsworth House Byron Bay

AUGUST 17, 2020 – Cape Byron Medical Centre (CBMC) is pleased to announce a new development which will see us further expand our healthcare offering, improving outcomes and access to primary healthcare, allied health, and specialist services.

Effective as of Monday 31 August 2020, the Byron Bay practice of Holdsworth House Medical Group (HHMP) will transition to CBMC, bringing together likeminded healthcare professionals with a common goal of providing progressive patient care and improved patient outcomes.

CBMC has been serving Byron Bay and surrounding communities since 1977. With a renewed focus on integrated care, CBMC’s team and service proposition has expanded over recent years to include psychology, physiotherapy, dietetics, orthopedics, cardiology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, bariatric surgery, radiology, psychiatry and more. With a shared vision of true collaborative care, the team at CBMC are dedicated to challenging traditional healthcare models and creating a system of care designed in accordance with how we as consumers of healthcare services want to be treated as opposed to how the healthcare system is set up to treat us.

This same vision is at the heart of HHMP.

HHMP has been part of the Byron Bay community since 2005, offering the highest standards of care through a vibrant and progressive team of dedicated professionals.

Mathew Simpson, managing director of CBMC said: “In bringing together these teams of innovative, committed healthcare professionals, CBMC aims to further raise the standard of patient care in our region through improved access and better resourcing of front line primary health professionals. Our vision is for practitioners and patients to interact in a dynamic, less reactive, more outcome-orientated manner. To realise this vision, we must adopt a model of care that is truly patient-centred, preventatively-orientated, accessible, efficient and effective.”

Holdsworth House group CEO Geoff Blicblau said: “Whilst the transfer of HHMP Byron Bay to CBMC represents the end of a 15 year journey for HH Group and a re-orientation on our metro operations in Sydney and Brisbane, I am thrilled at the opportunity this transfer will offer our team in Byron Bay, as well as our patients. CBMC and HHMP share a vision of innovative healthcare and we believe this move brings us all closer to realising this vision.”

For the immediate future, CBMC will retain the HHMP premises at 37 Fletcher Street, Byron Bay.  Phone number, existing appointments and bookings processes remain unchanged.

Pictured: Dr Hugh McLeod and Dr Tonya Coren