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The Game Ready system is designed to give immediate relief through cold compression to injuries and post surgery.

Through the Game Ready, the delivery of continuous cold and intermittent pneumatic compression therapies speeds up the healing process. The Game Ready if the first sports injury and post-op recovery device of its kind. And as it’s portable, it offers a new standard in treatment for musculoskeletal injury pain relief and accelerated healing.

Here, Cape Byron Medical Centre physiotherapist Andrew Olson talks about the Game Ready.




“Game Ready is a piece of equipment we use at Cape Byron Medical Centre, particularly for patients recovering after surgeries or after acute injuries, to reduce the inflammation around muscle injuries or joint injuries.

“Game Ready works really well in two ways: it has cryotherapy (which is cold therapy where we use ice cold water) and also compression.

“This is where Game Ready differs from other pieces of cold therapy – two elements work together so the cryotherapy and the compression around the joint work together to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and then get the patient back up on their feet as quickly as possible.

“Using the Game Ready machine we definitely see faster results in reducing inflammation we also see faster reduction of pain.

So instead of these reductions in inflammation and pain happening over a longer period of time – such as a number of days – in just a few hours we see some really good results in reducing pain, reducing swelling, and then getting people back to exercise as quickly as possible.

“The timeframe for using a Game Ready machine would ideally be as soon as possible after an injury or after surgery.

The body has a natural swelling process or inflammation process of 48 hours after an injury, and so definitely trying to do some Game Ready rehabilitation during that first 48 hours is really great, but then as we continue on through the rehabilitation stages Game Ready can still be really useful in reducing that swelling over time.

“The Game Ready can benefit all sorts of patients – even if you’ve just rolled your ankle walking down the street, any injury that has some swelling or any muscle strain that has some inflammation will  benefit from using the Game Ready.

“The amount of treatments we use on the Game Ready really depends on the injury. It can be from a couple of days for a short-term injury that resolves in a few days, or if you’ve had surgery often this treatment will go on for months while the healing process happens.”


By Cape Byron Medical Centre